Maximizing Movement

Motion defines life. Proper motion defines health.  Our ultimate goal is to teach awareness and understanding of one's own body through restoring proper motion.

Quality of Life Improvement

Our society has accepted common problems and dysfunctions as normal.  By changing your body's ability to heal and recover, you will experience a quality of life you may not have known possible. 

maximizing your body's potential through chiropractic healthcare

Essential Chiropractic Health's approach to care:


Dr. Ruston Williams was born in Hammond, LA.  He has a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Exercise Physiology and minor in Biology from Southeastern University.  From there, Dr. Williams chose to become a chiropractic physician.  He graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College of Florida.  While enrolled, Dr. Williams was exposed to countless techniques and specialties.  He is ART, full body, and CCEP certified.   Dr. Williams has hundreds of hours pursuing his certification in the sacral occipatal technique (SOT) which analyzes the body from a neurological, musculoskeletal, emotional, and soft tissue approach. 

 patientS SPEAK

"My husband and I would literally both wake up in the middle of the night and crawl to the bathroom because both our feet were in so much pain.  Years and years of plantar fasciitis had us at that point.  After a couple visits, we were both able to stand up and walk without pain in our feet" - 48 yo female

"I have suffered with moderate to severe shoulder pain in both of my shoulders my entire adult life due to multiple traumas as a high school athlete.  I had a loss of range of motion by at least 50% if not more in both shoulders.  Being told that surgery was my only option, I dealt with this pain for over 30 years.  For the first time in as long as I can remember, with the help of Dr. Williams, I can scratch my own back!  I have regained complete range of motion in both of my shoulders without any pain!" - 55 yo male

Dr ruston williams